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OC Police Services Costs per Capita

Sheriff Contract City Average Per Capita Cost: $215.00
Non-Contract (City) Average Per Capita Cost: $395.00
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“…OCSD contract cities experience an average of 12.59 Part 1 crimes per 1,000 residents at an average cost of $215 per capita; comparatively, non-sheriff service areas experience an average of 22.33 Part 1 crimes per 1,000 residents at an average cost of $395 per capita…we can be proud of this data supported fact: Our contract partners receive the best service at the lowest cost.”
Dennis Wilberg
Mission Viejo City Manager Dennis Wilberg
Orange County Register - April 2, 2019
“All of the contract cities are getting a good deal and certainly, a better deal than if we had our own police departments.”
Sheriff Contract City
Non-Contract City
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City F/Y 2018 Budgeted Police Costs 2017 Est. Population Police Cost Per Capita
Laguna Beach$18,581,20023,147$802.75
Newport Beach$58,632,98986,160$680.51
Los Alamitos$6,198,26111,603$534.19
Costa Mesa$46,345,540113,825$407.16
Seal Beach$9,535,40024,326$391.98
Huntington Beach$76,289,019201,874$377.90
Dana Point$12,324,22333,934$363.18
Santa Ana$115,871,365334,136$346.78
Buena Park$28,075,86083,015$338.20
Garden Grove$55,838,600174,226$320.50
La Palma$4,835,00015,722$307.53
La Habra$18,834,52062,466$301.52
Fountain Valley$16,870,06856,313$299.58
San Juan Capistrano$10,211,50836,064$283.15
Villa Park$1,614,3005,895$273.84
Laguna Hills$8,393,82031,318$268.02
San Clemente$14,829,83065,267$227.22
Mission Viejo$20,423,87996,016$212.71
Laguna Niguel$14,083,11966,334$212.31
Lake Forest$17,598,00084,293$208.77
Rancho Santa Margarita$9,271,24248,793$190.01
Yorba Linda$12,172,68868,229$178.41
Aliso Viejo$8,287,12051,671$160.38
Laguna Woods$2,535,21916,200$156.50
Sheriff Contract Avg. Per Capita Cost
Non-Contract (City) Avg. Per Capita Cost

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